An overview of the Turkish cuisine: Baklava

If the Mediterranean is preferred for a holiday, baklava is one of the cultural desserts to discover in this region.

Baklava is characterized by many different varieties. In fact, the geography of the Mediterranean, in which it occurs, is very widespread. The most famous Turkish baklava is with pistachios and is one of the most delicious desserts in our hotel. During your stay at the hotel, you can experience and taste the different baklava varieties with your fellow travelers.
It is a dessert that should be discovered by every domestic and foreign tourist. Like any kind of desserts, this also develops its special effect on the palate. However, baklava is simply different and special, as the entire process of specially selected materials right through to the preparation stage is carried out precisely. The result is that this dessert leaves after eating a special fine effect in the mouth and palate.
What do you feel when you eat baklava? You will enjoy the fine hazelnut and walnut particles along with the special dough that melts in your mouth. Of course, the materials vary depending on the Baklava type. However, the basic ingredients are usually clear and develop a good taste in the mouth. It supports the intensity of their conversations, and is ideal for spending a pleasant time with your loved ones after dinner. Therefore, baklava can also be defined as one of the rare sweet desserts that is preferred in a nice conversation with loved ones.
The meaning of baklava comes from history. In the past, this type of candy was specially prepared for high-status persons, as this preparation process was very elaborate and required a special crafting. Achieving the best result required a masterpiece, which is still the case today. It is possible to obtain a good baklava by taking into account some of the finer qualities both in the selection of ingredients and in the manufacturing process, so that the desired satisfaction and quality can be achieved.
Baklava is the first sweet delicacy that comes to mind when mentioning Turkish desserts. In our country, especially in the Gaziantep region, it is very popular and is called Gaziantep baklava. It is known that the most important feature of this type of baklava consists of forty layers of dough.
In ancient times, the invention of the first baklava was originally based on many different societies. However, it is believed to have adopted its traditional and modern form during the Ottoman period. In ancient times, various companies could be identified as the basis for baklava, which produced baklava in the form of thin dough or dough in the form of scattered pieces of dried fruit.
Nowadays, the number of internal ingredients and dough varies. Main types of baklava; Baklava with pistachios Dry baklava with pistachios, walnut baklava, creamy and creamy baklava. Of course, these types of ingredients vary by geography and region, but in general, the quality of the dough is the same. The most important difference is the special internal ingredients that are already named in the naming of the different varieties taking into account these. In addition, some Baklavasorten are known to last long and are therefore ideal as souvenirs.