Experiences that will make your Valentine´s Day unforgettable

How did Valentine's Day come to be?

Valentine's Day is a special day that is celebrated almost all over the world every year. All couples celebrate this special day by giving each other gifts or surprising each other with different surprise ideas every year on February 14.
The origin of Valentine's Day is also related to a very interesting event. In the 3rd century AD, young men in Rome were forbidden to marry. The reason for the marriages forbidden by Emperor Claudius II was to further strengthen the army. However, St. Valentine was against this prohibition and secretly allowed young people to continue marrying. In gratitude for this betrayal, St. Valentine was executed on February 14, 270 AD. After his execution, people began to celebrate February 14 of each year as Valentine's Day. Even today, Valentine's Day is remembered as a very special day in many societies. Therefore, after this event in Rome, this special day came into existence and has remained until today.
Romantic ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day, which is a very special day for couples, is celebrated in many different ways. In recent years, many couples celebrate Valentine's Day with shared experiences instead of gifts so that they can spend quality time together. For example, in recent years many couples have chosen vacation destinations such as Antalya to make this special day even more meaningful.
Melas hotels, with its hotels in Side and Lara, offers unforgettable vacation options in Antalya for that special day. With our romantic packages, special decorations, rich spa experience and exclusive services in our hotels for Valentine's Day, you can make unforgettable memories.
Antalya for Valentine's Day

Antalya is a city visited by hundreds of couples every year. With its beach, sea, atmosphere, comfortable hotels and many other beauties, it has been one of the first choices for romantic couples for years. Especially on certain occasions like Valentine's Day, all-inclusive hotels are often preferred in Antalya.
For those who want to celebrate this special day in a completely different way this year, we have romantic packages in our hotel that will give you an unforgettable vacation. Valentine's Day is different at our hotels in Antalya, with special surprises at the entrance and in the room, celebrations, special a la carte dining options, spa benefits, special photo shoots and much more!
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