The River Manavgat With Its Unique Beauty

The river Manavgat former name Melas; is a river that was born in the Taurus Mountains and flows from Antalya to the Mediterranean Sea. The Manavgat River has a length of about 93 kilometers. The river formed in connection with the tributaries between the western Taurus Mountains. Otherwise the river; leads southwest through various canyons with steep and narrow slopes. The Manavgat waterfall also occurs in this direction. The Manavgat Waterfall, the center of the Manavgat district in Antalya, flows from the alluvial coastal plain to the Mediterranean Sea.

Manavgat, is one of Turkey's most popular tourist host places. In this direction, domestic and foreign tourists coming to Manavgat visit the Manavgat River and witness this unique sight.

Features of the Manavgat River:

The abundance of water and the lushness of the Manavgater River are known to all. This ensures that this one has a unique beauty and thus attracts much attention of the tourists. Also, the river in Manavgat has very hard conglomerate plates.
There are many activities for local and foreign tourists who come to the Manavgat River, which is a great attraction for visual impressions. So, what are these activities? Let us examine this together!

Activities on the Manavgat River

There are various sights around Manavgat. Tourists coming to the river to see Manavgat can see the lakes, stalactites and stalagmites in the Altınbeşik Cave. In the surroundings of Manavgat and Ibradi you can enjoy mountain biking and hiking.
To reach the starting point for rafting on the Manavgat River, turn off 10 km east of Manavgat-Alanya Road and then towards Akseki. Rafting Starting point is the Şahap Bridge, which is 11 km to the İbradi Highway and 4 km to Akseki. To spend unique moments on the Manavgat River, you can enjoy the river while rafting. In addition, tourists staying at the hotel in Antalya or Manavgat can take a boat tour organized on the Manavgatan River and plunge into the water, where the expiring river is well-ventilated during the hot summer months.