What you do not know about the old town Side

Visiting Side Old Town is a must while in Antalya. The coastline Side belongs to one of the most beautiful of Antalya- Manavgat.

Side is about 7 km from Manavgat and about 80 km from Antalya. This corresponds to 7 min. between Manavgat and Side or between Antalya and Side about 1.5 hours
Side is defined as a port city with its location and settlement order in history. In fact, due to its geographical location, it covers a wide area of 350-400 m.
Therefore, this antique city is ideal for someone who lives in a hotel in the Manavgat area, both for a historical exploration and for an incredible view of the beautiful sea of ​​Antalya.
If we take the antique city of Side in terms of its historical past; It is believed that the story goes back to the 8th century BC. Dates back to about.
The most important functionality in the past of this region was expressed in antique times as a port city, depending on the region of Pamphylia of the Kingdom of Lydia.
This city is home to many different communities. Especially after the 7th century BC It has lost its functionality with a large influx of immigrants and various historical events, significantly increasing in value as a port city.
There are many ruins that you can see when visiting the antique city of Side. The most notable among these remains are; City walls, the very impressive gate, nymphaeum, waterway, columns streets with special details, houses with special architectural approach, commercial agora, antique theater, baths (also known as side museum), Vespasian fountain, monumental gate and temple.
In addition, the village of Selimiye is one of the most important places that can be recommended to visitors staying in a hotel in this region. The founding of this village dates back to the founding of Cretan immigrants in the 1890s. The most important feature of the village is its architecture. In fact, this region also has the ruins of Side and this adds an important architectural feature. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for those who like to see and discover.
One of the most important details of Side is that it is free to visit this city. The rare and even the only historical architectural ruins in Anatolia are free to visit but you must buy tickets for museums and theaters.
The optimal times and dates for a visit to the ancient city of Antalya:
- Summer: 08:30 to 19:30 (15 April - 2 October)
- Winter: 08:30 to 17:30 (from 3 October to 14 April).