Where does the name of Melas come from?

The name of our Hotels  "Melas"  comes from the ancient name of present Manavgat river and the valley it flows. River “Melas” was the most important water source of the Pamfilya region and it’s important and magnificent port city Side. The water was brought to Side with an aqueduct, which had a 25 meters height and 30 kilometers length. A portion of the aqueduct is still standing.As in the ancient time the river is still very important water and energy source in the area. The river and its 2 dams on it also creates a rich flora and fauna around it and supports the regional tourism. The Melas river is feeded by the underground and aboveground river sources. It flows from Taurus mountains to the South west and passes through Manavgat city and meets with the sea from the east side of Side. It is the most regular river of  Turkey with its flow rate. This clear and clean river Melas means in old greek language “black” and “dark” .